Mother's Day Giveaway

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Draw for a beautiful Gold Plated Silver Choker with Three Crosses. Made in Spain

Lava Bank by Karim Rashid

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LAVA is a cloud-shaped bench, a truly immense organic sculpture and very difficult to achieve through the manufacturing process through rotational molding. LAVA, its avant-garde and original shape creates a pleasant, natural and relaxed meeting place or connection in any IN & OUT space.

LED Tecnology

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The illumination on the rear side of the radiator by means of LEDs gives an added charm to our products. The insertion of LED technology directly into the radiator guarantees a high added value to our work and all this with the highest security since the technology used is of low voltage of 24 V and all the components have the “Made in Italy guarantee. ”. The LED lighting is available in white or blue.

The Last

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The tooling finishes coupled with the high technology and artistic skill of Hotech craftsmen at the highest level in terms of quality and design.

Human adventure

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After some “vagabond” studies and an adventurous life between the prestigious Sorbonne in Paris and the Manhattan subway, Dominique Imbert decided, one day in 1967, to build a sculpture workshop in the Cévennes region, near Montpellier, in the south from France.