Green Tsavorite & Pearls Cross Pendant

47,89 €

Cross Pendant with Gem and Natural Pearls.
Gem: Green Tzavorite.
The pearls and gemstones are held in a solid Sterling Silver structure.
Artisan elaboration.
30 x 20 mm. Total length 38 mm.
Also available in White Gold and other materials.
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We are artisan jewelers since 1971.
Tsavorite is the trade name for Green Grossular Garnet which was coined in 1974 by Campbell Bridges and Henry B. Platt in honor of Tsavo National Park in Kenya.
This symbolic name is strongly evocative as it connects the gem with the most famous and largest nature reserve in Africa.
Tsavorite is an Ugrandite Garnet that, together with Piralspite Garnet, belongs to the great mineralogical family of Garnets.
Tsavorite is a Grossular Garnet that is part of the variety of Calcium Garnets together with Andradite Garnet (known as Demantoid) Tsavorite owes its color to the presence of vanadium and occasionally chromium, the same elements that give Emerald its color.
A greater amount of vanadium gives the intense green to the Tsavorite, whereas a green with yellow accents denounces the presence of iron.
Tsavorite is mined mainly in Brazil, Canada, India, Italy, Kenya, Madagascar, and Tanzania.
Tsavorite was discovered by the legendary Scottish geologist Campbell R. Bridges, who was the first to present this gem to the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). The first time it happened in Zimbabwe, in 1961, successively in Tanzania in 1967, but in that historical period it was not possible to obtain the export permit for precious stones from that country. Bridges did not give up and continued investigating until he discovered a vein of Tsavorite in Kenya, bordering Tanzania.
Usually it is an eye-clean gem (no inclusions to the naked eye when the Gemstone is examined at a distance of 15 cm.) Tsavorite is a particularly coveted gem for its wonderful color and for its lively and luminous brilliance that differs of Emerald since Tsavorite has a higher refractive index than Emerald, and exhibits twice as much fire as Emerald and therefore double refraction.
The GIA classifies Tsavorite as a type II gem, that is, as a gem that has some minor inclusions that may be visible to the naked eye, but like many Garnets, Tsavorite has almost no inclusions.
Being brighter and with fewer inclusions than Emerald, Tsavorite is unfortunately extremely rare and most of its specimens do not reach three carats, only 2.5% of the extracted gems reach the weight of two carats.
Tsavorite is one of the most expensive Garnets and is an expensive colorful Gemstone always depending on its size, which plays a fundamental role in the price.
Extracted for the first time in 1998 in the same area where Tanzanite is mined, the Merelani Mint Garnet is a Garnet named for the color and the extraction area (the Merelani Hills, Tanzania) Similar in color due to the presence of Vanadium and sometimes Chromium, Merelani Mint Garnet shows a lighter color and intensity than Tsavorite and although both are green Grossular Garnets and have a very similar structure, Merelani Mint Garnet is not pure enough to be considered a Tsavorite.
The Tsavorite should not be exposed to steam cleaning or ultrasound cleaning. This catalog of personalized items offers a wide variety of designs that guarantees user satisfaction, with an infinite diversity of designs available to each customer upon request.
Our jewels combine silver with different finishes in rhodium and natural stones or zircons with a fresh, elegant, innovative and creative design.
We also make exclusive designs at the request of the client in both Silver and High Jewelry. The quality of our products resides in the perfect combination of two very important aspects, high technology and the artisan touch.